Hi all, Some of my PC\’s system process/function not working after restart into start-up settings. This issue occurs after upgraded to Windows 10 1903. The video in the link given below illustrate the process to reproduce the issue. Google Drive: https://photos.app.goo.gl/ywVFXC3yiDxLtjscAYoutube: (Problem occurs in 07:12) 1. The issue occurs after RESTART INTO START-UP SETTINGS.2. After went out from the start-up settings and restart for the second/third times, it BOOT INTO SAFE MODE\’S WELCOME MENU AND AUTOMATICALLY RESTART ITSELF. 3. After that, some SYSTEM PROCESS/FUNCTION NOT WORKING no matter what I try (restart again, system file check (sfc), DISM). System Details:Lenovo Z50-70Intel Core I5-4510UNvidia Geforce 840M12GB DDR3L SDRamLenovo Lancer 5A5 (motherboard) I previously upgraded from Windows 8.1 → Windows 10 1809 → Windows 10 1903 (through Windows Update). Anyone facing this issue and know how to solve it? I hope there\’s a solution before I try to reset Windows.😥😥 Thank you very much 🙂

Welcome to the forums. I\’m curious if the hard drive is starting to fail. If it is, there may have been a bad write when the update happened, and you get the issue you are having now.

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