Hello. Been running Windows 10 since the first Insider build, and done resets about every 6 months or so.Now however the reset failed multiple times, so I decided to do a clean install from USB.Downloaded the latest Insider ISO, installed it and everything went smoothly, or so I thought.Installed the things I use daily (listed below) only, and was about to start using the PC.

  • NVIDIA Drivers
  • MS Visual Studio
  • Unity 3D
  • PhpStorm
  • Ubuntu Bash for Windows

I made some changes to a PhpStorm project located on my 3rd HDD, which is used for current projects only, and constantly got errors in PhpStorm about it being unable to save. Found out that suddenly EVERYTHING was Read-Only, even if I unticked it (white box) and triple-checked that I was the owner of all files and such.Decided to do a new clean install but with the official version, not an Insider build.Downloaded Media Creation Tool, prepped my USB, installed (with a full format of the OS drive), but still the same issue.Did another clean installation to make sure nothing went wrong, but everything is read-only no matter what I do.I am able to create directories, but I immediately lose write access and is unable to even create a new file in that directory. And this issue expands onto ALL drives, including USB drives, which works perfectly when connected to another PC. Any ideas on what I could do? I\’m on my third day now without being able to do about anything on it

I am not a professional user, but something similar happened to me as well and a friend helped me. He said I didn\’t had administrator rights for some reason. Try to see if this is the case for you.

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