So as many has already discussed here my Windows won\’t activate after I did a clean install of it.The steps I took was that after it did the self update from my last insider build I decided to do a clean install with the mediacreationtoolx64 because after doing a normal "reset of pc" I ended up in a loop of BSOD that I couldn\’t escape.I was hoping very much that my windows account would automatically link my profile so my windows would stay legit, though now it seems I\’m without an activation code and can\’t return to the insider build. Am I screwed without a key now?Also I get the [Error code: 0xC004C003] which I understand means "busy servers" but I\’m afraid I might not have a key for it to activate at all once it comes alive again.Am I right/wrong in things? A helping hand would be great, thanks! **Also when I try force activate it through cmd prompt it gives a "The activation server has determined the specified product key is blocked".. hmm

I did the microsoft chat. the guy said MS will fix this within 24-48 hoursI did the microsoft call. the guy said that you cannot clean install. the reason my product key (which I had to use a tool to grab from Win10 after it was an upgrde of Win7) wont work in a clean install of Win10 is because it is specifically an upgrade key. you must ALWAYS upgrade. I dont think the guy knows what he is talking about. or if he does, that sucks bad!

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