I read the Windows 10 activation or not article at this URL: https://www.windowscentral.com/you-d…ate-windows-10. I was wondering if you only get one year of updates and then following that, do they force you to activate, whetever you want to or not, or do they just nag you every time you boot up the computer, and entice you activate, or even further, do you get updates for life, but you have to deal with no personalization and the watermark, cause I read in the comments, and one person replied about the same thing, but the reply he got back said that you can only use Windows 10 for 14 days with no updates, and after the trial is up, they force you activate and they won\’t even let you do any dang thing on the computer or not, whatever you like it or not. What case is it because if I want to try installing Windows 10 on a old laptop soon, and if it won\’t let me use just after 2-weeks, then I\’m better off using Linux on the darn thing. Can anyone explain to me in full and Explicit detail how this works? ~ blazinglitten09, Jesse.

This is what happens: You use the software but, eventually, legally, you should pay. My home Nuc had a trial of Windows 10 for months. Carried on working fine. It\’s in Microsoft\’s best interests to keep you updated. Or join the Insider Program (If that\’s still applicable). Check Amazon to save a lot of cash on a licence key.

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