Did someone here switch from BlackBerry 10 smartphone to Windows10? BlackBerry now went to Android… and are dead (at least, for me). And I am thinking about Lumia 950/XL after my BlackBerry Z10. I\’ve played with 640 a lot and I like it. Also, I have Windows 10 on my PC\’s. And waiting for Surface Phone seems pretty unreal for now. So, how does Windows 10 feel after BlackBerry 10?

There are similarities. The phone does stuff well, there\’s a great app that connects the phone to a monitor and keyboard and lets you use it like a computer (sort of like BB Bridge, but better). You\’ll have the same fun trying to find work around or lookalike apps for some of your favorite apps that are JUST not available for Win10 Mobile, JUST like BB10! lol

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