I have a Push2TV adapter connected to my tv. Casting to it works from my Surface Pro with Windows 8.1 Pro, and it works from both the Lumia 930 and the Android phone I have here atm. The laptop (HP Pavilion 13-a087no x360) however has huge problems since updating to Windows 10 (it worked well when it was still on 8.1). I can find it, I can connect to it every third try. I\’ve gotten one bluescreen when trying to connect, the other times it just fails and I have to try again. On the tries when it actually succeeds the connection is lost after approximately 60-120 seconds. I have the latest wireless drivers, and the latest graphics drivers. I\’ve even tried a factory reset on the Push2TV even though it works with every non-Windows10-device I have. Does anyone have a solution, or should I just go and grab a Chromecast? (I mainly use it for Netflix & YouTube anyways.)

I have the same problem with my SP3, which never worked since updated to W10. It works fine with another SP3 with 8.1 and Lumia 1520 with WM10.

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