In a post on the Microsoft Community site, Microsoft has indicated that the "Anniversary Update" of Windows 10 will include changes to Family Safety including reinstatement of one of the most vehemently requested features, the ability to extend time to child accounts locally. Family Safety in Windows 8 introduced the "get more time" button. When a child\’s allowed time (either by timer or clock) expired, Windows would present a "get more time" button that would permit a parent to click, choose a time ranging from 30 minutes to 4 hours of extension — confirmed by an admin password. The ability to extend time in Windows 10 at first was completely absent, then was replaced with an email-activated solution. The absence of the button sparked heated responses from parents online (including yours truly.) On Friday, April 22, Microsoft Employee Daniel Strommen posted an update to the Microsoft Community site that confirms the reintroduction of the "get more time" button after a significant rewrite of the code base.…a7f3333?page=3

The family safety process also consumes a fair amount of the cpu on W10, it\’s an odd one and happens sporadically. I have noticed it on several laptops especially the low end ones.

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