Is there a Windows 10 app that provides access to stream and download (for offline viewing) movies in an Ultraviolet digital video library? The only app I can find is Flixster. But this app is an old 8.1 app and definitely has some issues. It doesn\’t allow for downloading movies for offline viewing. And it also doesn\’t support streaming of TV shows. It clearly hasn\’t been updated in a while. Are there any other options? I know I can use the desktop version of Flixster, but that is not the greatest option. It is pretty clumsy to use in tablet mode and it has a problem running videos in full-screen when the desktop is set to view at 150% (which is the default setting for Surface tablets). It is app deficiencies like this that limit the usability of Windows 10 as a tablet OS.

There is a vudu desktop app that is decent. The windows10 \’ movies and TV\’ app can play Disney ultraviolet movies.

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