Hello all, The other day my parents were using our laptop and couldn\’t open some apps. I checked and most of the default windows apps were now called @{Microsoft.WindowsStore.(bunch of numbers and letters), @{Microsoft.Weather.(numbers and letters), etc. The ones I can remember are the Store, Camera, Weather, Messaging, News and the others (about 10 more) I can\’t remember. None of them open. Also, I noticed that Jpegs and PNGs don\’t open. In Settings/Default Apps they all say TWINUI (even Maps) and can\’t be changed. When I try, it crashes. I\’ve tried WSReset and a few other things but they haven\’t worked. However, in my user session, everything works fine. One work around I found is to right-click every image we open and manually select to open with Picture viewer or gallery and it seems to work. Should I consider reinstalling W10? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I went through something similar by foolishly running a PowerShell script that used to fix issues with Modern Apps but since 10586, destroys them completely. Here\’s a page on SuperUser with some repair steps, and you\’re linked to what I had to ultimately do to repair the problem on my machine without losing any data by doing a full wipe/reinstall. Broken Startmenu on AD-User on Windows 10 – Super User

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