From –>…=1457419831067 Running Windows 10 Pro on a 32 bit Operating System (specs shown below) Go to the Store" where "Store" is a hyperlink/shortcut to open the actual store which unfortunately prompts the same popup. This had been going on since January. Programs that I\’ve installed manually still load as they should. List of apps that don\’t work:

  • Alarms & Clock
  • Calculator
  • Calendar
  • Groove Music
  • Mail
  • Microsoft Solitaire Collection *since uninstalled*
  • Microsoft Wi-Fi
  • News
  • OneNote
  • People
  • Phone
  • Phone Companion
  • Photos
  • Store

You get the picture dammit! Surprisingly enough, Microsoft Edge, Settings, and Feedback still load and work fine. I\’ve done my research and found other forums where other users have the SAME problem with NO fix. Even suggested fixes by Microsoft Support staff and Insiders were unsuccessful.…llReplies#tabs…10itprogeneral Any fixes?

Your Windows installation doesn\’t appear to be in great shape.Have you tried reinstalling Windows? As per this post…-problems.htmlI know it refers to a Surface Pro, but it does appear to fix issues.

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