Hello, My PC was experiencing random, repeated freezes and shutdowns. I couldn\’t find any evidence of a hardware issue, so after a while I decided to reset the PC (preserve documents and files). After finishing this process, I was able to log into Windows. However, after the login page, a completely black screen is shown. I can use Ctrl-Alt-Del to access task manager – it shows up normally – or to restart Windows. But every time I return to Windows, I get the same black screen. I tried resetting it again but no change. I found an article from Mauro that seemed to reference something similar, but he had a taskbar and possibly also a Start menu. He mentioned RunOnce.exe in processes or services but I haven\’t found that. I don\’t think it\’s a video driver issue because I can see the login screen normally. But even if it is, how would I access that? The black screen comes back even if I boot in Safe Mode. Any help would be much appreciated!

Just checking in to say that I\’m experiencing the same issue after installing insider preview build 16232, no desktop environment after login but I can get to ctrl alt delete menu and use task manager just fine. I think the best help would come from the windows forum.

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