I had Win 8.1 started 2h ago updating to Win 10 after update log in(first log in) was really long, but that is no problemthe problem is after the log in only black screen and cursors appears.I tried ctrl+alt+delete it works but wen i click on task manager it sends me back with messageTask Manager Stopped Responding I tried Restart,Safe Mode with internet connection,Safe Mode(it fails even in safe mode)I will now even try delete all my personal documents and setting maybe that will help(clean install)Dose some 1 had it? Dose some 1 have a solution ?*clean install worked* (hour 2 later)Upgrading now video card driver i guess different drivers because diff. OS and DirectX( DirectX 12 i think )But with clean installed Win 10 did not activated by it self (6 hours later)Went to activated manually by press of a button but failed for some reason have to now wait for tomorrow to talk to microsoft people

Do a clean install.

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