I have a 2nd gen core i3 Intel NUC with an SSD card. I\’m having failures where it seems the entire partition table of my main drive gets deleted after a while. This means my machine cannot boot at all. When I reinstall Windows 10 it sees the drive as "unallocated space". At first I suspected hardware failure, but I\’ve now installed Ubuntu and it is running fine. I\’d prefer to stick to Windows 10, but not with these issues as it makes my machine unusable. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi! It\’s my understanding that Ubuntu runs from RAM. I may be mistaken about this, but you could still have hardware failure!I would suggest you test your Hard Drive. If Ubuntu is running fine, that tells me your RAM is good! There are several free programs that will test your Hard Drive. 14 Free Hard Drive Testing Tools (October 2016)

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