As the title suggests, I\’m having major issues with Windows Update since the last cumulative update giving the following error message when looking for updates:

First try these steps:> Restart your device thrice> Uninstall any third part applications that you think are slowing our device down> Charge up your device to full. Make sure battery saver is not turned on> Switch to a faster internet connection> Disable any firewall or virus protection softwares> Clean boot your device (Instructions here) (Will not delete your information)> Create a bootable thumb drive of Windows 10 (ask if you need help) and reinstall Windows from it. During setup choose to keep your files to prevent them from getting lost. Final steps: (Makes you lose your data)> Reset your device (Settings > Update and Security > Reset)> Format your device (Even removes installation of Windows. You\’ll need to reinstall) Well, these are some of troblueshooting tips you can try, although the last three possibly not needed to do. Hope this helps. Comment if you need to get more help. Best of Luck! Want to win a Dell monitor from Windows Central? Follow this link!…

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