Hi all, I am setting up a new Surface 2017 (i5) today because my screen went bad and I was given a replacement device. (Thank you, Microsoft!). As I set up my mail and calendar app I notice that in the Calendar app I no longer see the ability to click on an appointment and pick "Categorize" so that I can specify a color. Here is a picture on my onedrive that shows how it is SUPPOSED to look. I am missing the "categorize" option on my new machine.https://1drv.ms/i/s!AowcxCxSBDc7jYtvMMIj9sSFxzcPhA Any idea what turns this ability on or off? Thanks,Sam

Problem "fixed itself". Apparently, my new Surface needed to install some updates in the background (there were no updates I could force in my windows update screen). Now I am able to "categorize" my calendar appointments again with colors. [how do I mark this as closed/answered?]

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