I have a 2012 Macbook Pro 13" that I\’ve been using consistently since before windows 10 came out on the insider preview program. The past two insider preview builds have made the OS completely unresponsive after about 5 minutes every single time i turn the computer on. The task bar is unresponsive, typing stops working, i can\’t close or save files in programs, can\’t even move a window. Even the end process box won\’t let me do anything. Cltr Atl Del does nothing. It\’s useless. After the last build i rolled back and it was fixed right away, i hoped this build would work because you\’d think they would account for people not being able to use their builds and actually fix it but apparently not. Just letting you know because i have no clue where else to say this. I can\’t post it in The feedback app since it always becomes unresponsive while I\’m typing. I tried to use the "Start monitoring" setting but it just become unresponsive almost immediately. If you have any fixes I\’d love to hear them, otherwise i just wanted to make people (and potentially Microsoft) aware of this problem.

I\’m having the exact same issues as you on the last two redstone builds. I\’m on a custom built PC and it is unusable with the last two builds. Unfortunately you\’re the first person other than myself I\’ve seen with these issues, so I\’m not sure when it will be fixed.

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