HI,I just upgraded my laptop from build 14393 to 15306 creators update via windows 10 update assistant. The upgrade process took a lot of time (especially the last configuration stage) but finished OK. But when I tried to boot into the newly upgraded system, the system UI wasn\’t functioning normally, I couldn\’t open start menu or file explorer and everything else, and the task manager showed that all of system\’s processes were trying to grab CPU clock by turns.After some research into the problem, I found out that the graphics is to blame, \’cause when I unplug my second monitor system, then everything is OK – the system bootup normally. So I tried to reinstall my graphics driver, but to no avail, the problem reappeared everytime I replug my second monitor in place.It\’s the first time I\’ve problem with windows update process, and it\’s so frustrating. Have anyone got the same problem with 15306, or knows how to solve this problem, please help me, thanks´╝ü

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