I think that it is appropriate to have a thread dedicated to discussing the desktop versions of Windows 10 on ARM. This doesn\’t include Windows 10 Mobile, which has its own discussion section in the Windows Central forums, nor does it include the version of Windows 10 dedicated to IoT devices. It\’s for discussion of the desktop versions of Windows 10 (including Windows 10 S) on ARM-powered PCs (and possibly in the future, phones). Furthermore, individual ARM-powered PCs and phones running Windows 10 may have their own dedicated threads; this thread is for discussing the desktop versions of Windows 10 on ARM in general, and any discussion that only applies to specific devices should probably happen in threads dedicated to those devices. There is already a thread dedicated to \’Always Connected PCs\’, and readers of this thread might find useful information in that thread, but that thread\’s topic–\’Always Connected\’ PCs, which could hypothetically include x86-64-based \’Always Connected\’ PCs–is slightly different from this thread\’s topic: desktop versions of Windows 10 on ARM, which could hypothetically include form factors other than those \’Always Connected\’ tablets and laptops. Mods: would you make this thread a sticky thread? Or possibly create a new section for Windows 10 on ARM right below the Windows 10 section and above the Windows 10 Mobile section?

It is too bad that software compiled for 64-bit-x86 system architectures won\’t yet run on ARM-powered PCs running Windows 10. Anyone who is considering buying an ARM-powered Windows 10 PC and already has a library of apps from the Microsoft Store–no matter the size of that library–will need to open the Store and look through their library of apps and games to see if any of them require a 64-bit-x86 processor architecture. Because Windows 10 on ARM does not yet run 64-bit-x86 applications, any apps and games that require an "x64" architecture won\’t run. Go to the Store page for any app or game, and in the system requirements, if the system requirements state that an "x64" architecture is required, and you need to use that app or game, you can\’t currently use it on an ARM-based Windows 10 PC. It is my understanding that Microsoft may (or is?) working on adding 64-bit-x86 emulation to Windows 10 on ARM, but it is not here yet.To learn more about system architectures when it comes to Windows 10 apps, you can read the following page that was written to help app developers decide which system architectures to target when building apps: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/win…e-architecture.Two apps/games that I have that require the x64 architecture–according to their Microsoft Store descriptions–are Minecraft (the Windows 10 Edition) and Dolby Access.

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