With the recent news of a last free option to upgrade to windows via the accessibility upgrade, I was thinking about upgrading my older pc on official windows 7 ultimate. But I have some questions. What are the limitations of the accessibility upgrade? Can I choose which windows 10 version to install? (home-pro-business-S) Which default windows 10 version does the accessibility upgrade update to? Can I still reinstall my windows 10 if I need to troubleshoot the system with my windows 7 key? Can I troubleshoot windows 10 if I need to restore or repair windows 10 if windows.old (which is windows 7 ultimate) is deleted? In other words will windows 10 still recognize my windows 7 key? Has anyone experience issues with upgrading to windows 10 when windows.old is deleted to free up space? Can I still update to newer windows 10 builds, or is the accessibility update limited to the anniversary or creators update only? Thanks.

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