Hi I have windows 10 installed on my pc & overall I am very happy with it. I do though have on very annoying problem with it. I use a home group to play vid files through to my smart tv via wifi. Everything used to work fine on windows 8.1 but what happens intermitently now on windows 10 is that at times it just wont play files on my tv. To rectify it I have to turn my pc off then back on then it will work again. Also intermitently if the pc is left alone for a while (this can be any time from 20 mins to a few hours) when I go back to use the pc the internet doesn\’t work. Again I have to turn the pc on & off. I have the pc set so that it never goes in to sleep mode & every thing else I can find set so that it doesn\’t turn off or go in to sleep mode. Has anyone got any suggestions as to what the problem can be as I can not find any solution apart from rebooting the pc. Thanks jps71

I\’ve never used homegroup but now I\’m curious to try it. To share my media on the local network I use Plex, works great on my phone, tablets and smart TVs with Roku and built it app.

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