Hi.I just recently installed windows 10 in my PC.I am having some problem with the resolution.I installed amd-catalyst-15.7.1-win10-64bit as I have Radeon HD 5450 graphic card.I changed the resolution to 1400×1050 which i used previously in windows 7.but after connecting to the internet few minutes, my resolution automatically changed to 1600×900 which is not supported as there were black lines above and below the monitor so i tried to change the resolution and found that my favorite resolution is not there. I checked the adapter properties – list all modes and found that some mode have been removed.Then I removed the catalyst install manager and catalyst control center along with drivers and restarted the PC.after restart I came to know that windows automatically installed my graphic driver without internet and there were all the previous modes available so i changed my resolution.But after connecting to the internet the same thing happened the resolution changed and those modes were gone. And i found that catalyst control center was waiting to install in the \’check for updates\’.I got frustrated.i did all that again but this time I installed the catalyst control center and then changed the resolution to my favorite.But still after connecting to internet same thing happened again.Does anybody have a solution?How can add the mode back after this happens or force the resolution? Note:The resolution 1400×1050 was not available from windows display setting when I first reinstalled the drivers so I had to change the resolution from adapter properties and after connecting to internet it was gone from adapter properties too.

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