Windows 10 is the worst OS in the history of mankind. Even Windows 95 was better. Way better.I can\’t believe they released to the public a product like this. On top of that on the newer laptops they force you to install this piece of **** so that you can "enjoy" every feature of it.A couple a days ago i purchased some ASUS laptop with a Kaby Lake cpu in it and of course the only OS i could install was Windows 10(they force you do this). Windows 7 install process wont even load. And of course i said to myself, why not, lets try windows 10, they had time to make it better… uaaat!? BUL****! A few issues… 1. If i remove the power cord my wifi wont work despite the fact that on windows it says wifi on and on my mobile the wifi works with no problems. The only way to make wifi work again is to plug-in the power cord again, restart the laptop. There is no other way, been testing this for the past 2 days. 2. If i want to connect to another wifi network from the list the keyboard simply wont work. I can\’t type anything !!! If i put a password on my account and just before i login into windows, before i type the password, in the bottom right i got the wireless symbol.Then the keyboard will work and i could type the password. So if i am in Windows i can\’t type any password for wifi networks. OMG..uaaat!? 3. Every time i enter new tabs in chrome, or just switching between aplications i just get a big dark empty screen and if i dont wait 3-5 secs and move the mouse like a drunk person nothing will happen, it will stay dark forever. So it seems after ~2 years nothing good happened with this OS. In the past i had Windows 10 Mobile and i switched to Android. It seems now i need to switch to linux also because this **** is getting out of hand. Hope nobody will say to update my drivers, bios and so on because everything is up-to-date!

Curious. Most PCs come with an OS already installed. You say that you had to install Windows 10 on your new ASUS laptop. What\’s was running on it before you installed Windows 10? I don\’t know what exactly is going on with your laptop, but you might want to try a System Repair, a System Refresh, or a completly new installation. It sounds like something is definitely wrong with your PC though.

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