I recently created a mobile hotspot on my HP Spectre laptop for my guests to use but have found that if there is no traffic or no-one is connected to it …. it turns itself off. I have changed all of the power saving settings etc to NEVER and its still doing it. i have tried to set a command prompt to PERSISTANT and it wont allow. Ive exhausted all of my knowledge bank. FYI.. connecting to the hotspot is perfect , it just turns itself off when no-one is connected. Is there a fix for it ? or can anyone help…… please?!?!

As far as I know, it is supposed to turn off when no connected device is detected.Save power ? Maybe.I could be wrong. That\’s how I understand it. Will MS change that ? you don\’t want my answer to that.Hell, they won\’t even bother to fix the " dism….. restorehealth….. source files could not be found " issue. And that is an important tool for users to fix problems.

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