Hi guys. I\’m having some trouble with my Lenovo z70-80. After the latest windows 10 update projecting to my TV via hdmi has stopped working. Before the update I used to be able to turn my laptop on and it would auto project to my TV. After the update I had to start selecting project and then second screen only for the side menu. Now however it\’s stopped working all together. It was fine this morning, I went out to do a bit of shopping, turning my laptop off to save electricity. I came back, turned my laptop on and clicked on project except now when I click on project and choose second screen only it does nothing. I\’ve not done anything to it it\’s just stopped working. I\’ve tried updating the on-board Intel graphics drivers, different HDMI cable, different HDMI port and restarted a bunch of times but nothing has worked. Any help would be great. Thanks all.

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