Being a newbie, I\’m not sure where to post this:I want neither a Microsoft account nor a local account sign in. Converted from Windows 7 to 10 – was the worst mistake of my PC life! Don\’t remember creating an account – don\’t want one. I know, horrors! To heck with that – I just want to turn on my PC and go – no logins. Now Windows 10 stopped recognizing my login password and I had to change it. What\’s with that? Never mind – how do I opt out of any and all login requirements?P.S. This is just one of a myriad complaints I have with this ad-ridden, privacy intrusive piece of dirt called an operating system.downwith10

Hi, welcome to the forums 🙂 I moved the thread to the correct place. I think this should still work: win + r > type in: netplwiz > you\’ll see an option \’users must enter…\’ > untick it and you should be good to go. (or just open the startmenu and type in netplwiz)

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