My computer is 5 years old. I have withheld getting a new one because, apparently, we were all spoiled with Windows 7 and had no idea that the newest version of windows was going to be so terrible. Windows 8 sucked, but I was really hopeful for 10. So when I got the notification for the upgrade, I was fairly excited about it. The majority of my data was backed up, but I was assured that this wasn\’t going to be a problem during all of my research about the upgrade. "Upgrading to Windows 10 will not affect your data, programs or settings. It will not delete any data that you saved on the computer." By this point, most of you already know that when you upgraded, everything looked different, and nothing was in the place where it was supposed to be. Unless you have an extreme genius most of don\’t, you probably had to go online and read a few forums and tips about recovering/finding your data that had been moved to a different folder in your files. It was a frustrating and long process, but I finally dug out and copied all documents and media, and then spent forever digging for and saving my bookmarks and personalizing my computer – a process which I was surprised at how much I needed to do (considering it wasn\’t supposed to affect my data or settings). All this was said and done. Then, I got to work on new projects, documents, new media, etc. Now, please save any comments about backing up all data, because I do back up my files. However, I did not know that Windows 10 was going to update again and entirely DELETE all of my data, old and new. Only the newest and current important files went to a hard drive and were saved, but I still lost quite a bit. I upgraded the first time 3 weeks ago… and I now have to completely start over, all the while losing the newest data that is nowhere to be found on my laptop. I would also like to point out that this is not a tech issue. I do not need to open my eyes and start looking in the right folder, because these folders simply no longer exist. The process I used to recover my files after the first upgrade no longer work. Without warning, my computer updated and deleted all old files. Nothing was saved (except for one random song, which made absolutely no sense!). I am at a total loss and don\’t see a way of recovering the lost files. Everywhere I\’ve looked (from tips and forums from other lost and frustrated users) has resulted in dead ends. Even my system storage is almost entirely depleted because I there are no document or media files saved – in other words, I have more available space than I did after my first upgrade. This has been an incredibly frustrating, long, and inconsistent process with the Windows 10 upgrade. I will still be needing a new computer, and I\’m not sure that Windows can provide the software and security that I\’ll need. Honestly, I am seriously considering the switch from PC to mac. If you happen to have had the same problem (a second windows update and can\’t find the files) and have a solution, PLEASE hit me back! The simple fact that I have to go through all that work again is frustrating and far from reassuring me on the new direction of Microsoft Windows.

Ok you lost your files. But you have a back up, don\’t you? Restore your back up. If you need to get back deleted files you can try a program like GetDataBackNTFS Sorry about your loss. I don\’t know how these things just never happen to me…..

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