When I click "archive" in my Gmail account in the Windows 10 mail app, nothing happens. It says "archived" at the bottom of the email list, but other than that I cannot see any action taken. The email in question stays in the message pane and does not vanish. Is there any setting that I am missing where I can tell the Windows 10 mail app what should happen when I click "archive" in the Gmail account?

I\’ve just noticed something similar in the Mobile version of the mail app (on Windows Phone) – in this, swiping to archive removes the mail from the view in the app, but when I go to Gmail on the web, the mails that I\’d "archived" are still there. I seem to recall in the old days, "delete" in Windows Phone actually archived the mails in Gmail (there was some way to set this on the Gmail side). Maybe we need to "delete" and not archive after all.[Update – maybe not; deleting on my phone really does seem to delete in Gmail…]

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