Using my Idol 4S Windows 10 phone today I opened Maps and it appeared that the app had been updated. None of my favorites or recent destinations were there. I can forgive that, maybe… but once I managed to get my directions going for my destination (was in my car), the volume was very very low, I had to virtually hold the phone to my head. Of course this is an invitation to the police to give me a citation. Pressing the volume up button got "Ringer and Notifications" up to 10 (it\’s a scale from 0 to 10), but the volume was still very very soft. What in the world is going on with this? I looked in settings, see nothing for the app\’s settings or device settings allowing me to boost the volume. It used to be absolutely loud enough, but not now.

weird, ringer and notifications volume is not app volume though, try to expand the volume control and make sure the other volume for app/system is up.

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