Aside from Continuum, the ability to get updates directly from the App store, and the voice to text in the keyboard. I really am upset with how this W10M is handling the business side of things. Issue 1Country codes screw your caller ID in the phone book when traveling.If you include country codes in your address book and do some traveling, your incoming numbers will no longer show what you\’ve stored in your phonebook. e.g.So you\’ll have phone numbers with +1 and +12 as country codes. You travel to country with country code +12, now whenever someone from country +12 calls you, their phone number shows up instead of the contact. The Fix according to Microsoft? Change your Region settings to the country that you\’re in. WTF? I gotta do that every time I travel? Oh, the best part, travel to a country that doesn\’t have Cortana active. Note: This only happens if you reset your phone, even if you don\’t use a backup and start fresh with the same email account the problem happens. It\’s been replicated on 3 different phone (W10M) and 3 different accounts at my work. Issue 2Email accounts are all in Outlook Mail. So as a lockscreen notification there is no way to seperate the new mail inboxes, Outlook Mail just shows you all the new emails in any of your accounts inbox (even my pointless non business hotmail email account). Issue 3Might be a personal thing but so far everyone I\’ve talked to at work agrees that the W10M keyboard is worse than the WP8 keyboard. Issue 4VPN settings aren\’t backed up when you restore and VPN doesn\’t connect automatically on connection. In WP8 there was an option to connect automatically, that\’s gone in W10M. Issue 5Skype is a horrible slow unsynced experience on Windows Phone (8/10). A shame that FaceTime has done so well in this area. Issue 6DNS settings in WiFi can\’t be set for specific networks. This has never been implemented on Windows Phones but the other 2 guys have been doing it for a while. Issue 7Maps and traffic suggestions, seriously guys. You were ahead of the game before Google at one point. Now Google Maps provides way better real time statistics about traffic and alternate routes to get you there quicker. Windows Phone was always my suggestion for business phones at my work. Now I don\’t know what to do, iPhones are too expensive and Androids are really inconsistent in the apps that work on some phones and don\’t work on others, that and I don\’t like to sync to the Google cloud. I feel Microsoft is dropping the ball big time.

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