Seriously, how could Microsoft screw something up that worked so well before? In the old "Music" app on Windows Phone 8.1, I could easily connect to my car\’s bluetooth audio and play music from my phone. This still works, but only in its most basic form, i.e. playback.

  • in WinP 8.1, the artist, album and track showed up in my car\’s display – not with Windows 10 Mobile: only "bluetooth audio"
  • in WinP 8.1, I could control playback (skip, go back, etc.) – not with Windows 10 Mobile: car radio controls simply do not work, I can only do it from my phone (obviously a bad idea while driving…)
  • in WinP 8.1, the playback time was even shown (though often incorrect) in the car display – not with Windows 10 Mobile: only "bluetooth audio"

Seriously, how do they ever expect people to switch to Windows 10 Mobile when such basic fundamental things don\’t work – ESPECIALLY when they used to work before on the old operating system?

What version of 10 are you using? I ask because this is an area that has been quietly been improving massively in each release and was very poor not long ago.

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