Hi everyone, I recently had a ton of issues with my 950XL-cortana crashing all the time, battery drains, resuming screens, sluggish movements through apps, CBD not working properly…so I decided to do a hard reset again and not backup my data. Things seem to running well so far…but then I started thinking…isn\’t this what we hate about android, the OS getting bogged down after a few months and you having to reset the phone everytime? I really don\’t understand if people actually believe there\’s nothing wrong with W10M or they are just pretending to be, because I\’m pretty sure I\’m not the only one facing these issues. Whenever I\’m in the forums, and read people\’s posts asking for help, the answer given by most people is a hard reset. We shouldn\’t have to reset our phone for everything that\’s going wrong, nor should we have to reset it every couple of months. I\’ve had this phone since November of last year and i think I\’ve already reset this 3-4 times (and I never restore backups). I know everyone\’s got their own opinion and not everyone is facing these issues and i might very well have a faulty handset, but just wanted to see what everyone\’s thoughts are on this. Thanks!

Are you using Insider builds (Redstone Branch, Fast Ring)?

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