Recently it had come to light that Microsoft had used insider feedback to whittle down the list of compatible phones despite the fact it ran on pretty well bar a few exceptions on older devices such as the 1520 and the 930. Do you still recommend Windows phones to family and friends? | Windows Central What is little known is how developers are using the same feedback tool in order to gauge how to spend their resources. During the past few months, I had been engaged off record in trying to get CRM (Client Relationship Management) software developers and managers to embrace Continuum with Cshell. As I want a third ecosystem and I do not want to live in a world that is run by Apple products and Google Products. Why off record? Simple, as it stands no one in management will want to officially entertain the prospect of considering WM10 due to the lack of action by Microsoft and visible resources put into their own Universal App platform. As the first rule of business protect your investment and this case the time and effort these people had spent in climbing the career ladder. The only way to engage them in a discussion was to remove any sort of risk to them. To ensure and to retain any form of integrity I cannot name any names or persons as to engage them in discussions I had to make it categorically clear that their self-preservation was of the utmost importance if this had to be discussed publicly otherwise my words will have zero credence whatsoever. What do you mean? Business is all about investment and risk management. Profits and customer retention is all part of a larger spectrum as that is determined by the industry a business is operating in, region and applicable laws pertaining to both the industry and region. For instance, Real Estate Agencies in the UK must be a member of particular board of governance such as ARLA (being the most common one). So therefore, once you remove all elements of risk and they are more open to listen as well as engage with their own thoughts and opinions. Which also means I never got paid for my time incase any of you are wondering. Due to the official process of minute taking in meetings people are never frank and open with their thoughts or intentions. As a person who has used Windows Phone extensively in the business environment and in my personal life I can categorically say if Microsoft does not invest in continuum and bring Cshell to mobile they will again miss another boat. Why would Microsoft miss this particular boat? Because with Continuum + Cshell businesses can have one device (enter the HP elite X3), lock it down with policy and save a lot on costs such as commercial unit leases (hot desking), windows licenses (continuum docks and just screens), maintenance of the all the PC\’s, utility expenses etc. While expanding mobility and reach of their workforce. (Surface Pro with a Sim Slot will do wonders here – Surface Pro running Windows on ARM with a multiband LTE radio?). With reduction of PC\’s of course you will lose some staff as they won\’t be needed to maintain the same number of PCs. I\’m fully aware redundancies and forced redundancies are not to be taken lightly as it is people\’s lives. Which is why you try to retrain and retain as much staff as possible get them more involved as much as possible (high moral is the utmost importance any environment – one could argue the merits of this vs results) through the assessment of efficiency measures. With these cost savings, they can have a development pool fund and they can push it to their customers thus increasing their competitive edge, retrain the current staff and use their experience to develop a CRM that is more efficient using funds drawn from the development fund. By being competitive as well as technologically astute they can retain more customers and get more referrals therefore increasing their profit margins substantially. If done correctly you get a perpetual feedback pool. This is the ultimate vision where Continuum and Cshell could have been the catalyst. The technical side: Why push Continuum and Cshell? With the universal app platform, they can develop a context aware web wrapper for their CRM\’s which means they don\’t have to optimise for various browsers and fiddle around with aging Active X controls. It\’s a lot more secure as they don\’t need to address the security flaws in these browsers by simply mandating their employee\’s use the universal app. As this makes life much simpler, no need for bulky handbooks or lengthy training webinars. The other advantages of it being a universal app it could be used on any other Windows device by their employees and customers. But since they have looked what Microsoft has done in regard to mobile, they weren\’t so keen and with no Cshell for Phones. Continuum is not just a tough sell it\’s almost impossible to even showcase its benefits. Furthermore, by using the insider feedback and Microsoft\’s lack of interaction with their own insiders does not fill these developers and tech savvy managers with confidence. What spoke volumes was the excitement they all felt when Microsoft acquired Nokia\’s D & S division. I am told they had grand plans to embrace the Universal App Platform (some of the reasons are stated above). But we all know how that turned out. The turning point. During these discussion, what came up time and time again was the axe to the acquired D & S division along with the loss of the vast talent that had been tossed aside. They were completely aghast that if Microsoft could simply do that then what is to stop Microsoft from leaving the consumer space entirely? (we all know Microsoft later announced they were retrenching). When that occured, I am told that they all shelved any plans they had developing for future windows platfroms and have put their internet explorer team on maintainance mode until they get their CRM optimised for Safari and Chrome on mobile. When asked about edge, they said they were more eager to develop for phones and tablets not desktops. As it allowed their employees to be more portable and they already had an Internet Explorer team so Edge on desktop and laptops really did not factor into their plans. In addition to this as Microsoft puts more resources into android and ios. That is Microsoft\’s catch22, they want to be on all platforms but if you make the apps on the competing platform first class and swing that axe on your own mobile platform then how do you expect to inspire any confidence in windows developers? This is why many do not see any reason why they should even consider developing for the windows platform as Win32 is a dying platform. With No smartphone play, no universal app play and that\’s clearly evident by developers increasingly not targeting phones for universal app deployment. As everyone can clearly see the merits of smartphones and the pivotal role that they will play in the years to follow. When the official list of phones was released and known that Microsoft had used its own insiders feedback to deem it was not worthwhile releasing the update to older phones – Pretty much everyone I had spoken to all said these discussions had been a waste of time. Had things turned out differently I would have been reimbursed for my time and plans made official for CRM apps for the Windows Ecosystem. Microsoft may wonder why some people are so sour and out right hostile, loss of credibility in their social and business networks I imagine would be a critical factor. The other unaddressed elephant in the room is the closure of Xbox Entertainment Studios. Ballmer, in my opinion completely understood if there was no or little product demand you create that demand hence XES. By creating mindshare along with desirable products, you push the momentum that Windows Phone at the time of acquisition of the D & S division had. Therefore, actually targeting the "duo user" instead of saying it and doing the exact opposite when it comes to the Windows Ecosystem as a whole. This could have been an insane money maker for Microsoft through the development of new gaming franchises, merchandising, accessories for their phones and other franchise inspired accessories and devices for the home. Imagine a home automation system that takes the cues from Iron man and instead of Jarvis you have Cortana. This brings me to the Cortana speaker, which is awesome but with no to little Windows Phone play they aren\’t really pushing it to its complete potential (sure there is some but they really limited themselves through their own actions.) Microsoft was in a position to have the complete ecosystem but they fumbled it by closing XES and vacating the consumer space. Imagine using Cshell with Continuum via Miracast on your Xbox one (to this date that is still locked in the preview programme – someone correct me if I\’m wrong). Alongside Xbox, Cortana Speaker, Windows Phone with continuum with Cshell Microsoft could have had it all. It\’s not too late.

Re: aka TechFreak1, Geez, I wanted to read the comment above, and I tried, but it was much too long and as I read, didn\’t seem to make it\’s point. . Could someone please summarize the points made? Best Wishes

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