As some of you may already know, the "Year 2038 Problem" refers to a predicted event in which many (if not all) 32-bit devices will stop working due to a bug with the UNIX timestamp. However, Windows 10 Mobile is currently 32-bit. If I got a Windows 10 Mobile phone (with a 64-bit processor like the 950 or 950 XL, so that a 32-bit processor wouldn\’t be an issue), would the fact that Windows 10 Mobile is 32-bit mean that it would stop working in 2038?

Seriously? I get the need, to move everything up to 64-bit eventually, in particular for memory and SD card issues, but I think I can say with a reasonable degree of certainty that you won\’t have to worry about this for 2038. I worked on some of the first Windows 64-bit machines, the old MIPS and Alpha boxes, back in the day, which was nifty, and good stuff for business, but our biggest worry was again storage/memory architecture, not a date (okay maybe 2000, except that as a s/w and h/w engineer, I knew most of that was bogus anyway).At the very least, think back 22 years, to 1994. How many electronic devices (other than MAYBE a radio or washing machine, debatable things anyway) are you using from then?I have an old HP Jornada Windows CE device, if anyone\’s interested, in a nifty 32-bit device? ;-] -pete

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