Hopefully it isn\’t just me but on 10581 and 10586 (Public Release Build) I can\’t install certain system apps, even ones that support Windows 10 Mobile such as Extras & Info, does anyone have a fix for this? Please it is very annoying that I can\’t do very simple things. Thank You if anyone can help, by the way I\’m a Lumia 640 on Build 10586. Error Code: 0x803F8006

This is my Lumia 520 : currently upgrading to 10586.11 My previous build 10581No Soft reset takenNo Hard reset takenafter 100% downloading doneNow preparing to install updates at 100% donePhone restarted doneconfiguration Logo 100% doneMigrating Data 100% done TESTED 100 % PERFECT With No Issues at all test all my Apps all were Good. Same fast as Win 8.1 nokia5.jpg

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