The Windows 10 Mobile\’s camera app\’s reliability is horrible on the 950XL, from day 1. I take full 20MP photos and every once in a while, the photos get corrupted. Exactly what happens is, after taking a photo or series of photos, the camera app either crashes or gets stuck "Saving". This is not temporary, but permanent till a soft reset (have waited overnight on one occasion, after killing the camera app). The resulting images are saved with a .jpeg.thumb extension, have poor quality and are saved at a much lower resolution. I have lost many good moments because of this horrible bug. Of course I have hard reset many times, tried release preview builds, gone back to production, slow and fast ring builds, same problem. Switched to phone memory for photos, no joy. Same issues. Approximately 1/10 photos gets corrupted. The 1520 and 930 on similar builds don\’t have this problem, I guess it is a problem with the 950/959XL exclusively on full 20MP photos. Has anyone else seen this problem?

I have something like 14,000+ pictures on my 950 xl. Then I took a LOT of pictures on a trip to Argentina, Peru, and Ecuador/Galapagos and had no problems. About to go to Iceland and you have scared me so I think I\’ll take a backup camera just in case. But I think the problem is not just the 950 xl. Maybe you are running one of the early release os versions? Good luck.

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