Is it only me or is there anyone else out there experiencing the same problem that I have? Both my Lumia 640 XL and 950 XL are suffering from this Windows Camera app issue where I cannot take more than 3-4 pictures at a stretch without the camera app hanging with a blurred screen showing "Saving…" at the bottom. Closing and restarting the app and the phones don\’t help at all. If there is no apparent fix for this thing, I think it is high time for me to switch to another platform altogether. Believe me, it is so frustrating when this happens and I have lost opportunities to capture a lot of wonderful memories when I needed the phone camera the most. Tell me whether you face the same issue or not, in the Poll above, as well as place your comments below. The poll would make it easier for me to determine your stance. Thank you!

I\’m on mobile so I don\’t see the poll right now but the Saving… issue has been an issue from the beginning sa year or two ago. If a reliable camera is a must, Windows 10 Mobile is no longer a suitable platform unfortunately.

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