Hello everyone,today I got a group message from a good friend: "For those small details I\’m in love with Apple. I made a connection to my bluetooth headphones and the system tray shows the battery life of the headphones."This left me thinking a bit. What small (!) details does Windows 10 have? Since the only small details I really loved about WP aren\’t implemented in WM 10, I want to ask you guys which little things do you love? Screenshots/pictures would be appreciated 🙂 edit: It would be nice if we keep this thread to little details. For example that the all apps list in dark mode gets darker and in light mode lighter. Or the rubber ball behaviour of the swipe to unlock, if you drag it a bit up and let it go (8.1). Or the animation for opening an app in 8.1, which made use of the tiled startscreen. I know that many of you appreciate continuum or general user interfaces of certain apps. But I want to know small things, which are not realized at first glance.

The home screen is unique (even if people square tiles of 8.1 were better 🙁 )

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