Hi Community, Personally I have found it quite sad that Microsoft dropped their Mobile efforts and thus I have been left on the stagnating Windows 10 platform ever since. However; as a means of keeping up to date on this platform, I had decided to upgrade my Lumia 650 with a companion (Also a Lumia 650) with new metal cases and applied them as a dual screen device! Here are the specs: 2x Lumia 650 – Why? Because I had them and they are slim and light. Best to use the 950 I am sure. 2x Metal Aluminium Mirror Chrome cases – Can be made for the 950\’s as well.Both on Windows 10 Mobile 1709 latest updateBoth are in Developer modeBoth have 128GB Lexar 1000x MicroSD cardsBoth have fully functioning batteriesOne is the main phone while the other grabs wifi from the other or elsewhere.Double Tap wake up as been enable for both as well as the off on the start bar. So to make this phone as viable as possible in the year 2020, I have downloaded every app that I could think of that could help make my life easier which surprisingly took way longer than I thought it would as there were actually more apps than expected!? Once done I have dedicated one phone to be the Entertainment / Games while the other is the proactive, everyday working device that empowers my daily life. Both have some apps the same for continuity reasons as one device can do one job while the other can do another. Making multitasking a breeze! For example, I can look up information on the web on one screen while also writing an email on the other. I can share the content in either screen by using the cloud clipboard feature making this seem as much of a single device as possible. Another example, I can watch Netflix one screen and projecting that to the main TV while still looking at the news and or reply to IM\’s on the other. Or one can be for Spotify while the other can be my navigation in the car etc. etc. Oh and in addition, the advantage of having two devices acting as one is where I can record on one screen while taking photos on the other. Both sync with the cloud and end up in the same place. Perfect! I wont miss anything this way. To keep the phone up to date app wise, I have the app \’PAWA\’ which works great and thus making a lot of the website PWA based native to the phone. Using the app ‘Monument’, I am able to watch Prime videos as well as the Disney+ content as if it was the native app. So far I have not been left out with the so called ‘app gap’. I can do everything like I have done before. Even whatsapp still works on my device as a web client app while keeping a virtualized android based device in the cloud hosting just the Whatsapp app. I now prefer using IMO as my main messaging app and then twitter as my secondary. I showed my idea to Microsoft last year and they found it both hilarious and worrying, but in a good way. I might make a short vid on this to show how this works in a practical way but only if it is requested. In a way, I hope this idea gives some sort of inspiration to the Microsoft fans out there that still have or wished they were on the platform still. If you want me to write up tips in more detail on how to keep surviving on this platform then let me know, seeing as we all have the extra more time on our hands right now. Let me know what you think? P.S. Sorry if the pictures are not great, they were taken with the Lumia 735 which is all I have to hand right now.————————————————————————————————————————

This is possibly the most bizarre thing I have ever seen. Right up there with the iPad Mini in an old Mac SE case. I still have a 1520 with a 128GB card, and an Icon. Both are barely usable as MP3 players. Groove music is such an ugly mess. I can\’t imagine using either these days as a functional phone. WAY too much essential stuff missing.

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