I\’m a Lumia 930 user, i have a request for adding OTG function on L930.The reason is out of storage issue . L930 has 32GB of internal memory without any SD card option. Its difficult to take all the pictures and delete videos to make some space every time when i have to travel ( i love taking photos a lot ). And i love playing games (FPS) again storage space makes me to delete some files to install new games. If any one in windows 10 mobile development can add a new feature of OTG or partial OTG ( using \’Y cable\’ – OTG with external power support) will be greatly useful for L930 users. And also need is there a Firmware update coming for L930 for windows 10 mobile with any new features ?.. heard Rumors.. curious about it.

You will need to contact Microsoft directly for such requests (this is not a Microsoft run site), however I don\’t believe the hardware supports OTG and so they cannot add it to the OS on the 930. Only the newer phones support OTG. Offloading data to OneDrive may help you manage memory.

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