Hello, I have a Lumia 535 and I upgraded to Windows 10 like 3-4 months ago but since then I am facing this bug which is really bothering me.So, when I play 8.1 games there is a black bar on the side which is blocking some of the game screen but what is really annoying is that when I tap somewhere on screen, it doesnt register the tap right there, but a bit upper or left, I dont even know…Any of this is not happening on the games marked as "built for Windows 10"Here is an example of that bug in Asphalt 8: The black circle on "play" button is where I clicked but the red circle is where the tap is actually registered, so the "play" button wouldnt even be clicked: wp_ss_20160612_0001.png Sorry for my bad english,have a nice day.

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