Hello all, I moved to Paris, France from New Delhi, India in August 2015 and continue to use a Lumia 535 with Windows Phone 8.1. However, I believe MS has released Windows 10 Mobile via telecom operators in France. My mobile unfortunately, is yet to receive the update. Could someone help me correct my phone\’s settings, if any of them are incorrect? Date + Time: UTC + 1:00, Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris1) 24-Hour Clock – Off2) Set date and time automatically – On3) Set time zone automatically – On Keyboard:English (India)English (United States)Hindi (Devanagari) Region:Country/Region – United StatesRegional Format – Match Phone Language Speech:English (United States) Are any of the above settings preventing me from receiving Windows 10 Mobile? What am I doing wrong?

You could just install upgrade advisor from store and let it update ur phone via Wi-Fi

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