After using the Window 10 Mobile Insider Preview since the beginning on my Lumia 920… while I really liked the feature-set, however the performance level was very sluggish. It greatly approved after they removed the Android subsystem, but there was still a lot of optimization to go. Just last week, I got a new Lumia 640 XL from the Microsoft Store during Boxing Week (since it was only approx.180 USD!) to replace my 920 until a better flagship gets released. I immediately installed the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview… and did a hard reset… and I\’m actually REALLY shocked at how good Windows 10 Mobile runs on this device. It\’s like night and day compared to that of my Lumia 920 (and even the 950 XL based on my testing in the Store). I\’m getting at least 2 days standby battery life, the OS runs REALLY smooth and fast and zero \’loading…\’ or \’resuming…\’ screens… and I\’m actually able to play games, chat, etc. without worrying about the battery dying so quickly. Even all the bluetooth issues I had on my previous phone don\’t exist on this phone, as bluetooth is handled differently and works flawlessly. This makes me think that the problems people seem to have with Windows 10 Mobile are not OS-related, but firmware related. Even with a hard reset on the older handsets such as my 920, a lot of Nokia\’s older apps and firmware bits get installed which I think plays a toll on how Windows 10 Mobile is handled. I think when Windows 10 Mobile gets *officially* released to those handsets, Microsoft needs to clear out ALL of Nokia\’s older apps and firmware bits during the installation process in order to provide a smooth OS experience. With regards to the 950 XL though, I\’ve heard from people that the latest firmware update fixed those battery issues, but I can\’t confirm that myself. I just know that my 640 XL (with a 64GB micro SD card installed), works flawlessly with the Windows 10 so far and I\’m happy I can actually use my phone now lol. 🙂

Yes windows 10 mobile feels great on the 640XL and runs extra smooth without lags.

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