I don\’t know if this or the 950 thread is better for this thread, but since I am commenting on windows 10 mobile, this is where i am starting. I received my 950 today and thought I would share some observations/issues about windows 10 mobile as this is supposed to be an official release coming on the phone, but also in hopes to get some feedback. The phone is pretty awesome. I am happy with it and am excited to use it. I haven\’t used w10m in several months so haven\’t seen what improvements or changes they made since then. So far my groove music app has held my recently played music where earlier versions were dropping it and I would have to open the app and start an album back from the beginning if I had music paused for more than 10 minutes. Tonight it picked up where it left off after a few hours. So that is good and I hope it is a sign that this issue is fixed. Linked inbox/multiple accounts seems to still be an issue for me. I have my phone registered to outlook email and then I added a second yahoo email. I pinned the yahoo as its own tile, but if I open it, it switches the outlook tile also to yahoo account when I open it. I can get around this by pinning the outlook account as a second tile from within the original mail app. But that is cumbersome and not intuitive. I don\’t see a way to have both emails without them being linked. It isn\’t a huge deal, but just sharing what I am noticing. When I used an insider build over the summer, there was an issue where you could set individual text tones for people, but if you changed the default text tone for the entire messaging app, it would override the individual tones. That still persists in this version. I have the option of having most texts just make a ding sound, but some contacts get their own tone, or, I can change the default tone and it will override everything. I have to say, I am hoping this is a bug I am having and not the way it is intended to work, because it is a step back. Finally (for now, as I have only had a few hours to mess with the phone), it would appear that the "me" hub is gone in windows 10, or else I can\’t find it. I liked having "me" pinned to my desktop for looking at facebook/twitter feeds. I can\’t find it on w10m. It isn\’t a huge deal as, to be honest, I didn\’t use it as often as I just opened facebook and twitter. But it was a feature I liked and missed. Those are the negatives I have come across. I am not seeking to whine or say not to use w10m or the 950. I am just giving my observations on issues with the first phone to be released with it. Despite those few issues that I have come across, so far I really like it. I liked even the early insider versions of the OS. I had a missed call a little while ago and got a notification on my computer that I missed the call from my phone. That is pretty slick. I feel like w10m is an upgrade over 8.1, and so far this build has been pretty stable on this device. If any of the three minor issues I mentioned is something someone knows a fix for, I am happy to hear it. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase and the OS and am glad that I didn\’t wait (which was aided by the fact that I had a Lumia 735 which I absolutely despised) to get this phone. Happy to answer any questions anyone might have as well.

Have you had any problems with the messaging app on the 950, and what other bugs have you noticed? I feel like W10 mobile is very incomplete on the app and oS side, but i have no clue what the experience is on that device.

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