I just recently had to get a hearing aid only to find out that NONE of the Hearing Aid Bluetooth is supported by Windows 10 Mobile. I was told to get an IPhone or Android phone since all of those are supported. Whether it is the Hearing Aid manufactures or Microsoft that is at fault for this, Microsoft should make a concerted effort to support hearing aid Bluetooth connections or Microsoft will be losing more customers to IPhone and/or Android. I\’ve been a faithful supported of Windows phones for more than 10 years but I find that this might be the turning point for leaving Windows Mobile. I believe Microsoft should make a concerted effort to support the hearing aid Bluetooth connections. It would also be nice if all Windows 10 devices supports Hearing Aid Bluetooth so that the hearing impaired don\’t have to take our Hearing Aids out while listing to music or videos on our devices.

Good point and I hope you get positive feedback on this soon Suggest in the feedback app in the phone

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