After the previous build update on Win10 mobile, my Lumia 950 is simply dying (power cut, without proper shut down) multiple times a day. Simple reboot usually doesn\’t work, need to "soft-reset" the phone few times a day.Battery has been replaced, but no change in behavior. Full Phone factory reset and restore has not solved the issue. Behaviour is unpredictable so there is no consistency or information I could provide or link to an application that is causing this… In some case the phone keeps rebooting, or crashing during or before logon…Sometime I need to pull the battery, but that is even no guarantee to boot the phone into the logon screen… Currently the phone is highly unstable, unusuable and unavailable when needed. So, if this is not solved quickly (in days), … an alternative will be needed. Any idea, hint or suggestion would be welcome to pinpoint the issue.

Faulty battery perhaps? (how old is it the battery?)I just replaced the battery in my Lumia 950, now everything is working correctly (before it crashed/restarted at low battery life). Also, are you in fast ring updates? Perhaps change that for more stable updates if so.

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