Hello, My 830 screen cracked recently and I got an unlocked 950XL. I haven\’t switched the SIM from the 830, but run the 950XL setup, restored the 830 backup, etc. However, upon restart it gives a SIM error and then goes to the App list. There is no start screen. I\’m into the store tomorrow to have them switch the SIMs. Does anyone know if this is normal? Do you have to have the SIM during the setup? Will putting the sim back in bring the start screen back? Thanks,Brett

Update… It didn\’t have anything to do with my SIM card. Installing the SIM removed the error and the phone works fine — but still no start screen. However, I did some more searching and found the issue… you need to pin at least one program to the start screen. It never occurred to me that restoring the backup wouldn\’t restore the start screen pins! Lessons… 1. No problem having WP10 without a SIM. You get some messages, but that\’s it.2. Restore might not restore your start screen. If empty, you need to pin items!

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