Not sure if its just me or this is happening to others. I\’m on a W10 Mobile release build on my Lumia 735 and starting a few weeks ago I\’d get a "download message" notification when someone would send a pic to me via a text message. Annoying, but, I just hit the message and the image would download. Starting two days ago, the message would stop downloading. No matter how many times I\’d hit the download message nothing happens. I then started the new Skype Preview app (pretty cool btw) and I\’d get a message on my surface to check your phone for a file someone sent. I\’d check the phone and I get the download message notification but again, nothing happens when I click it. I don\’t know if its a carrier thing (Verizon) or a W10 M thing. I did do a soft reset and that didn\’t correct the issue. I really don\’t want to do a hard reset. Any suggestions??

Check your MMS settings to confirm they\’re correct.

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