Ok, so I have an HP Elite x3 running production W10M. I recently reset it to help diagnose a different issue with tech support. I\’m going through downloading my apps again and a slight annoyance is that desktop apps are showing up as a matter of course for search. So apps with similar names are popping up, like Adobe Reader Touch is the top choice for searching Adobe Acrobat Reader. I was confused at first when I clicked it and it said I couldn\’t install it. In any case, there\’s zero filter on app searches to show only mobile-compatible apps. What\’s the deal here? I don\’t know if it\’s been since I reset my phone (late last week) or since some recent Store update maybe? Why does it think I\’d want to see desktop apps on my phone? Is this some bug that\’s a sign pointing to W10M migrating over to full Windows 10 in the future?

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