I\’m no way a windows phone fan , also I\’m not a fan of any OS, I love technology and love all things Technology! I\’ve never used Windows Phone but I\’m always watching closely waiting for the perfect time to have one which never come ( unless the surface makes me)! So here is my advice since the success of WinMO is based on apps availability, and since the ends is so ow to justify the means, then the savior has arrived! Samsung is going to use continuum like feature for its android phones (MAINSTREAM) and this could be a key turning point for WinMo! If many people uses that continuum feature then that might force devs to create compelling apps for desktop (UWP) reading from this ANDROID CENTER LINK Seems like it\’s the perfect time! So my advice go buy S8 and use the continuum feature like crazy and by the time the surface phone comes out 2019 there\’ll be lot\’s of apps for it then you can just switch back! My Advice

Honestly, I don\’t think that idea really adds up. Why would developers spend time developing for Windows 10 Mobile when all the crazy Continuum use is on Android then?

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