I have a lumia 950 phone. This morning it was fully charged and I noticed a couple of missing apps. I touched the phone Icon, the screen briefly reacted like it was trying to start the phone and then back to the main screen but the phone Icon was gone. Touched a couple of other icons like settings and it reacts(screen goes black), then comes back to the main screen, app sometimes missing, the settings icon is gone. Swiped down to get to the settings and the "all settings" and "connect" buttons do nothing. Restarted and even pulled battery for a while. no change. It is clear that some things are working because notifications, news stories and weather are shown, wifi shows connected, flashlight still works but very little else. The phone is supposed to be virus and malware proof but this sure looks like a virus?

It’s a flaw with Windows mobile all together. I’ve had to do hard resets to resolve but sometimes just trying a few times and closing background apps works

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